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Gamemonger, the home of news about gaming and all things related to gaming. Endeavouring to bring you almost-objective news in a near-timely fashion. Will predominately be about PC-related games, but if anyone has a suggestion for a good console article, just let me know!

Christmas Gaming Ideas - Buyers Guide

December 4th 2007 11:08
It's Part III, and this time I'm taking a look at the games that should be on your must by list. Most you'll know, but some you may be surprised to see...

Bioshock - I haven't chosen a game of the year as yet (I'll make that choice later), but this one's right up there. There's no multiplayer options, but unlike some experiences, you don't need that option here. It's imaginative, beautiful to watch and perfectly balanced. It's on PC and 360, and being a few months old, you might be able to pick this one up even cheaper than it's original RRP.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Call of Duty returns in style, out of the shadows of World War II and into the modern world with a fantastic package. In fact, for those of you who have been waiting for a DS shooter since Metroid Prime: Hunters, it's working picking up, let alone on the 360 or PC. All in all, though, fans of CoD and shooters alike should pick this one up in any shape or form, it's that good.

Drawn to Life - THQ's sleeper hit for the DS is the perfect game for kids, combining a simple enough platform game with a unique twist ... the ability to create your own video game within a video game. Drawing heroes, items and levels using the stylus is by far the most unique use of the system's abilities in its lifespan. It's fairly simple, so some adult gamers may find it a tad boring after a while, but the kids will have a blast.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions - The PSP hasn't had all that much to shout about this year, but here's one that shouldn't be missed. A rebuild of a PSOne classic, War of the Lions is more than just a Final Fantasy spin-off, but a worthy tactical adventure. Thankfully it isn't just a re-release either, which has happened a little too often for the handheld.

Half Life 2: The Orange Box - Have I mentioned this before? The best package deal on the market by far, with two of this years best releases: Portal and Team Fortress 2. If that isn't enough, get a whole lot of Half Life 2 as a bonus. There's one more chapter to come in the series, but it's uncertain whether there will be another package like this.

Mass Effect - Couldn't call myself a gamer without an RPG on here, and what an RPG to choose. I can't remember the last time Bioware put a foot wrong, as the first in a supposed trilogy of 360 titles continues one hell of a run for the company. Think Knights of the Old Republic without the Star Wars license and you're close. Worth the wait indeed, but questions over the next two titles still loom. EA may indeed pull the plug, but I'd say that's unlikely given the chart performance so far.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Much like the PSP, the PS3 has had a tough time on the charts, but this top selling duo should do just the trick. Next generation visuals are just a small part of a much broader package, and how can you go passed a weapon that has your enemies dancing to disco music! It's the closest game that rivals Nintendo's platform dominance, and it certainly won't be the last if Sony has its way.

Skate - Tony Hawk used to be the king of the skateboarding genre, but this interesting title from EA has certainly changed that. A completely different control scheme offers up a new way to play, and although it's the first title in a new ongoing series, there's plenty to look forward to if this is any indication. It'll be interesting to see if Neversoft and Activision Blizzard (ah yes, i'll explain later) use this as fuel for a new Hawkster.

Super Mario Galaxy - Mario's back in a big, big way, which just goes to show that a bankable mascot can do wonders to a consoles profitability. Between Ratchet and Mario, these two should lead the way for the next gen platform genre, but it's Mario's outing that truly shines thanks to the unique nature of the Nintendo Wii and it's long standing millions of fans that have followed the plumber through thick and thin. Call it a thank you card, if you will.

World of Warcraft - Yes yes, it's an old title, but considering the amount of content (plus another expansion set for a release next year), millions of players to compete with and against, plus a price point far lower than any other MMO, it's still worth playing to this day. Yes, there's a monthly cost involved, but get involved with a guild and your friends and it will be far more worth the effort. Simply put, it's still the best MMO out there, despite all the new competition suggesting otherwise.

There's plenty more titles to choose from, but I think this lot should be a good start for that shopping list. As the year comes to a close, I'll start to list my top titles of the year candidates for each platform, among a few other activities. Keep an eye out.

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Comment by Aimzster

December 12th 2007 07:49
Gad, no, not Half Life 2. That's all I've been hearing about from my hubby about what to get him for Xmas!

Comment by Mark Isaacson

December 15th 2007 23:41
Well at least he has good taste in games

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